What does your cv say about you?

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November 20, 2019

Everybody has their own personal brand and values. There are some elements that are flexible and subject to change, but some are most definitely not and flow through every decision they make and every outfit they choose.The way people present themselves is a vital part of personal branding which is why a strong CV is so important. If you are a responsible, articulate and caring person, this needs to be visible on your CV. If you are creative, technical and a people-person, these are the attributes that need to jump out to the employer. Getting your personality, as well as your achievements, to stand out on a piece of paper is a skill in itself which is far too often overlooked.

So how do you do make this happen? Is there a magic formula?

The good news is that you are no longer restricted to a Word document to market yourself. The options nowadays are endless, with some job hunters even choosing to represent themselves in a short film as they feel it is the best way to show off actual footage of achievements and personality in an easy to digest and entertaining way.

If you are an Events Manager for example, you may choose to use PowerPoint to show off your creativity and successes in photo form. A journalist may include web links to their work and a copywriter would of course need to make sure there are absolutely no typo’s in their CV at all, anywhere.

Your CV should fit the industry you want to work in

Clearly the industry you are choosing to work in is key to the medium you use for your CV. A traditional Accountancy firm, for example, is not going to want your CV presented on a YouTube channel.

However, you shouldn’t feel that you can’t inject some creativity, colour and personality into a formal CV format, and it is even more important to be clear and succinct. An employer will scan the document for what qualifies you for the role as well as what makes you unique, so all those points needs to be visible.It is a delicate balance of giving potential employers what they want, whilst showing them your best side. Here at Smart10 in Hertfordshire, we have hundreds of CV’s pass through our hands and there have been some truly excellent ones among them. On the flip-side, there have been some that just serve a purpose, rather than paint a picture and others that have needed a complete rewrite.

Your CV is an advert for YOU

Your CV is an advert for who you are, so a good place to start is to imagine what it would look like if you were designing a leaflet to advertise yourself?

We have seen CV’s that start with real quotes from line managers on the excellence of the candidate taken from their quarterly review, and an increasing amount with photos attached. These are the CV’s that standout. They also tell the employer that you have the respect for their company to not waste their time with mediocrity.

If you feel your CV needs a bit of TLC, we are delighted to let you know that we offer a CV Writing Service. The service is quick and easy and will set you up immediately if you are looking to take that next step or just feel your CV needs to be given a fresh look, updated or tidied up.