Ways to thrive during the pandemic

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October 19, 2020

2020, it’s not exactly a year that any of us were expecting. No celebrations, no holidays, town centres closed, the list goes on…. In some way or another everyone and everything has been hit in a different way.

Business owners and employees are all nervous. Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring let alone the next month!

The Positives….

Unemployment is at its highest level in many years – BUT, we are so pleased to be able to say that the last three months has seen growth in terms of new vacancies becoming available. With clients looking to expand their teams once again, or indeed keep up with demand – Both Temporary and Permanent employment opportunities have been on the rise which is great news for those professionals seeking a new employment opportunity!

While things were on the quieter side we had time to think and regroup, SO how can we as a business thrive during a pandemic?

Stay Focused –

As we all now know it is easy to get side tracked, to worry, to panic, to think the worst! But by doing this you are taking focus away from what it is that you do best. You are no longer thinking about the job you have right at this exact minute. What works for one person may not work for everyone, here are a few things that you could try;

  • Make a list – What is your top priority of the day?
  • If you are working as part of a team, what is each team member’s strength? Get people to focus solely on what they do best.
  • Stay true to your business, or daily goal, plan your mission!

Make the most of what you already have –

Existing clients and customers are so important to you right now. They have been with you before the pandemic and they are still with you. Loyalty means everything in hard times. Loyal customers and clients have the potential to help generate new business for you through recommendations. Make sure that you have made time to sit down as a team and HAVE or CAN identify what each person’s/business needs may be. What can you offer them RIGHT NOW? Make sure that whatever it is that you offer them you can deliver to the best of your potential.

Keep your name out there!

While making sure you are focusing on the NOW, don’t forget to look past the downturn. Think about the future. Have a plan. Consider other ways that you could cut costs. Everyone has carried the burden this year, make some fun plans to get the moral up within the team – People love an incentive or a little treat here and there!

As we look towards the future, the end of 2020. The year nobody will forget. We start to think about 2021 and what it may bring and how we can continue to thrive and get back some normalcy.

So, stay tuned to see what we get up to next!